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Pandemic Party Pooper!

Kirstyanne Martin Walker, owner of Prepare2Party in Uddingston, was delighted to welcome customers back after five months of lockdown.

With restrictions only allowing deliveries until 'Click n Collect' was introduced in April, Kirstyanne has worked tirelessly this past year to ensure her business's survival.

With many parties, weddings and conferences, being cancelled, the events industry has

suffered greatly.

Kirstyanne feels that the government did not give the industry sufficient support compared to other areas, such as hospitality.

Balloon sales have supported the shop this past year. In contrast, card and party supplies have seen a considerable drop in revenue.

Keeping both staff and customers safe, Prepare2Party have taken all the necessary precautions: appropriate PPE and a limit on customers in the shop at any one time.

Even now, with the shop open, Kirstyanne still faces the uncertainty of when events will return to normal, and when the overall success of the business will return to pre-COVID times.


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