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Review: "As Promised" The Liam Stewart Band

With their debut album, The Liam Stewart Band, do not disappoint, bringing you the music for your very own lockdown ceilidh in the comforts of your own home.

This CD has 17 first-class tracks played by a band full of highly experienced musicians. Liam Stewart is a very well-known musician with over 25 years of experience and has won many Scottish accordion championships; he is the bandleader and lead accordionist on the album.

Joining Liam on harmony accordion is Leonard Brown, another highly-known musician who also has a very successful band on his own, known as Leonard Brown and His All-Star Band.

Still in his twenties, Craig Paton, on piano, brings a modern touch to the Scottish music scene and with having his own band too, The Craig Paton Band. Craig has been involved in many different Scottish music festivals.

Finally, on drums is one of the most experienced and respected musicians in the Scottish dance band scene. Gordon Smith has played with many bands throughout the years, such as Gordon Shand and John Ellis.

"As Promised" provides a variety of easy-listening and dance tracks with a modern spin on things, still withholding a very traditional aspect to the music. Starting with "White Heather Welcome", a very upbeat tune, to which you can dance a Boston Two Step, this provides an excellent introduction. Next, the band plays a "Scandinavian Scorcher", a fantastic polka, showing off the band's skill to break up the traditional Scottish music - going on to play "The Angus Howie Polka" written by Jimmy Blue for his friend Angus Howie, father of band leader Simon Howie. The album ends on a high with an Orcadian Strip The Willow, "Real Reels". This set starts with "Freda", a very different tune to play at the start of this dance, making this set so original.

This album has been a long time coming, but it has been a worthwhile wait. Listening to this album makes me think I am back at a ceilidh, dancing away to the band's music.

After seeing The Liam Stewart Band perform many times, this album represents what they can do in a live setting. Their debut album "As Promised" has a traditional feel to it with some twists, making it appealing to anyone of any age.

For anyone looking to buy this album or looking to book the Liam Stewart Band for an event, visit for more information.

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