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My Favourite Places to Visit in Switzerland

Updated: Apr 17

Switzerland, the country famously known for it’s rolling landscapes of the Alps and countryside - not to forget the most delicious cheese and of course the chocolate!

I have been extremely lucky to visit multiple times and wanted to share some of my favourite places to visit in and around the country.

From thousands of feet in the air before you even land at Geneva Airport, you can see so many sights from the sky. The snowy white peaks of the Alps, Lake Geneva - known as Lac Leman - where you can spot the rainbow reflection of Le Jet D’eau fountain, one of Switzerland’s most famous landmarks.

East of Geneva, you can find one of the prettiest lakeside towns, called Morges. The town offers a range of landscapes, from Lake Geneva, the mountains - with an amazing view of Mont Blanc. The town is also home to the La Côte wine region, with vineyards across the countryside.

At the heart of the town, Le Grand-Rue, is lined with numerous shops, from bakers, chocolatiers, jewellers, wine grocers, cafés, restaurants and clothing shops - including one of Switzerland’s largest department stores Manor.

On Wednesday and Saturday morning the streets are packed, with locals and tourists as it is market day. Traders from the local area and neighbouring villages come to Morges to sell fresh produce, vintage clothing and antiques. The smell of fresh pastries and bread travels down the street, where you are then greeted with the sweet aroma of handmade soap. From fruity to floral scents - my favourite had to be lavender soap which had a lovely lilac colour.

There are so many restaurants in Morges, but I have to say my favourite place to have dinner would be the Restaurant De L’Union, a small, traditional restaurant located again in Le Grand Rue.

Keeping with in with tradition they have a classic Swiss menu. Fondue au fromage being top of the menu, Rösti Bernois and my favourite Filets de perch meunière. Freshly caught “little fish” - as I call them - from Lake Geneva.

Just over an hour away from Morges you can find yourself in Broc. The home of La Maison Cailler Chocolate Factory - a Swiss institution. You can immerse yourself in the brand, the history and the products of Cailler of Switzerland. Your five senses play a strong part throughout the tour. It is just so interactive!

Touch - There is a point in the tour when you can have the cocoa beans that are used when making

one of Switzerlands oldest chocolates.

Smell - As soon as you enter the building you are greeted with the sweet smell of chocolate.

Hear - Walking though the museum there are parts where you can listen to the history of Cailler in a very interactive setting.

Sight - It is absolutely fascinating watching the production line of Cailler’s famous Branches, wizzing off into a big bucket. There is also a chance to take a few! Or if you are anything like my cousin, bring a sandwich bag and fill it up with the chocolate Branches!!

And finally…Taste - now this is 100% my favourite part of the tour! The famous tasting room. Where you can walk and taste all of Cailler’s delicious chocolates. From milk, white and dark chocolate - sending your tastebuds into overdrive.

Just a 10 minute drive from the chocolate factory you reach the old medival town of Gruyères, which is known for its production of the cheese under the same name. This is one of my favourite places to go when I visit Switzerland. Before you even walk up to the town I love to hear the distant chimes of the bells around the cows necks as the walk up and down the pasture - probably very stereotypical for Switzerland - but I find it so relaxing and very peaceful.

Upon entering the cobbled town, a grand chalet stands in the middle of the town, with shops running along each side. A perfect photo opportunity as well!

Gruyères is home to a 13th-century castle, Château de Gruyères. Where you can visit the hilltop fortress with a video history show. An H.R. Giger Museum can be found in the small St. Germain Castle, which shows artwork from the film Alien.

It is a MUST when you visit Gruyères to have a fondue. With the cheese made in the town, with freshly made bread, boiled potatoes and have a little bit of wine over looking the mountains…that’s one check of the bucket list.

So, all I really need to say is La Suisse est un beau pays! (Switzerland is a beautiful country!)

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